Top 4 Methods To Use MS Office For Free!

Microsoft Office charges money, but exceptions do exist. There is not just a free trial that does not need account details for web and mobile applications, but also there are plenty of other methods to use Microsoft Office free of cost.

Microsoft Office has become a popular suite because now the user will not be able to install a complete model of Office and utilise it for forever. Some methods to utilise Office without even giving a single penny for some specific period provided below so read it carefully.

  1. Office 365 Trial For 30 Days

Microsoft provides one free full month of Office 365 Home Premium which helps the user to get Office on many of the systems. The only disadvantage is that the user has to give account details during the time of installation.

  • Office Professional Plus Trial For 60+ Days

Microsoft gives a free (60 days) trial of Office Professional Plus (2013) at the beginning. It is not like the uniform office 365 Home Premium trial because its free trial does not need any sort of account details. The users may go for stretching their free trial time and receive more time.

  • Users need to pull their free trial time before it finishes because once users let it get expired, then they can’t expand it anymore.
  • Office Online

It is entirely free of cost. It is a website based version of Office that users can get on their web browser. It does its task with files put in the OneDrive account and not with the simple documents stored in the system of the user. Word Online and its other parts are more restricted and can’t be utilised without internet. Office Online provides the user with a useful method for using MS Office for free on any of the systems. Visit on

It doesn’t have all Office functions, but luckily most people do not even utilise all such features. It’s not missing anything-Office Online gives a more enhanced combination of elements as compared to the desktop model of Office 2013.

  • Office Mobile (Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone)

Office Mobile was earlier entirely free over the internet on Windows phone gadgets whereas Android and iPhone models of Office needed an Office 365 subscription. However, at present, Office mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone are entirely free. The user can utilise Office Mobile on their cell without giving any sort of money and Office over the internet on the computer is free. Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

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