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Microsoft Office is a productivity suite that helps businesses and households increase their productivity. The long term experience and frequent up-gradation of MS Office makes it a much-needed tool for everyone. It comes in different versions and editions such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, and Office 2013. MS Office enriches the working efficiency and it comes loaded with useful apps and services. Whether you are a student, new entrepreneur, teacher or even a homemaker, Microsoft is everywhere to nourish the flying inspiration. The setup is incredibly easy to download and install. You can either get a CD or go to office.com/setup. Either way, you will have to activate the product after installation.

After the downloading of Microsoft Office setup, you can install it on various platforms like Mac, PC etc.

How to Download Microsoft Office Setup

  1. Open www.office.com/setup and sign in to download.
  2. Sign in with the account which linked with the present version of the Office.
  3. If you are not able to sign in with your current account or not able to fill the associated credentials, then proceed to the next step.
  4. Go to the Forget my account option.
  5. Go through the given instructions after signing in into Microsoft Office account.
  6. If you sign in with the Microsoft account.
  7. Click Install Office at the Homepage.
  8. Click to install (if you are a subscriber of Office 365 then you have to select Install office).
  9. The 64-bit version stars the installing naturally, but if you want or you have 32 version of it on your system, then you have to uninstall the current version of it first.
  10. Then move to other options.
  11. Select the language and version you want to install.
  12. Click Install after the section of version and language.

In case you sign in with work or school account

  1. Go to install Office apps option on the Office 365 home page.
  2. Click to Office to start the installation process.
  3. The same thing occurs here also as 64 versions start installing naturally. If you want other versions of it or your system consists older version of Microsoft Office; you have to uninstall the older one.
  4. Go to the other install options.
  5. Select the version according to your desire (i.e. 64 bit or 32 bit).
  6. Now, click to install.
  7. It will start the installation process on your system.
  8. If you are still not able to find the install option even after sign in, then it might be a possibility that there is an issue associated with your account. Log in once more to resolve the problem.

How to Install Microsoft Office Setup?

  1. Open Run, Setup or save file for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox correspondingly according to the browser you have in your system.
  2. In case the User Account prompt asks you to permit the installation on your device.
  3. Click to yes.
  4. Now, installation starts on your system.
  5. You are all set to use the Office package.
  6. The Office setup is installed now, and a playing video is indicating that installation has done.
  7. Click to close.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Setup?

  1. Generally, Microsoft Office activates itself after clicking the “Accept” option which used to state that you agree to the license terms.
  2. In case you are not able to activate your Office, and you need any assistance, you can go to the Activate Office option.

How to activate Microsoft Office using a CD?

Did you buy Microsoft Office from your nearby retail store? Follow these steps to activate it.

  1. Now you have to insert the Office CD into your PC’s DVD player.
  2. Follow the instructions provided by the CD and complete the installation.
  3. The CD you have bought from the retail shop contains a 25 digit alpha-numeric activation code.
  4. Activate your Office package by validating it with the help of 25 digits alphanumeric product key and enjoy the comfort of Microsoft Office services.

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